Next Public Meeting

The next Public Meeting & AGM

Date: Tuesday 11th May

where: Await zoom link

when: 7.30pm.

What: Public Meeting, everyone in the local community is welcome. We will be joined by Chris from General Public..discussing funding for cultural events in Acocks Green to celebrate the Commonwealth Games.

There will be an opportunity for people to ask questions and raise any concerns or issues.

3 Responses to Next Public Meeting

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  2. gedhughes says:

    Hello Rachel
    The date of the next Public Meeting has not yet been confirmed, after the date has been decided at the Exec meeting I will publish it on the Next Public Meeting page of this site. It is likely to be Sept/Oct.
    Kind Regards
    Ged Hughes
    AG Neighbourhood Forum

  3. Beckett45 says:

    Please accept my apologies, but I will be on stage in the production of Arthur and george at HGLT. Geoff Nunney

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