Next Public Meeting

The next Public Meeting & AGM

Date: Tuesday 19th January 2021

where: By Zoom –

when: 7.30pm.

What: Public Meeting, everyone in the local community is welcome. . Neighbourhood Police and Public Engagement Officer Aisha Rehman from Census 2021

There will be an opportunity for people to ask questions and raise any concerns or issues.

3 Responses to Next Public Meeting

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  2. gedhughes says:

    Hello Rachel
    The date of the next Public Meeting has not yet been confirmed, after the date has been decided at the Exec meeting I will publish it on the Next Public Meeting page of this site. It is likely to be Sept/Oct.
    Kind Regards
    Ged Hughes
    AG Neighbourhood Forum

  3. Beckett45 says:

    Please accept my apologies, but I will be on stage in the production of Arthur and george at HGLT. Geoff Nunney

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