Westley Vale Millennium Green

Autumn Clean Up & AGM

September 21 Update: now Mondays 3.15pm and Thursdays 10am … It’s fun, fresh air and exercise, oh yes and free!


Westley Vale Millennium Green was founded in 2000, a project to set up 250 millennium greens around England for the turn of the century, with funding from The National Lottery and the Countryside Commission.

We're backing round ARTWORK

Click below for a trail map of Westley Vale Millennium Green

Westley Vale Trail Leaflet 2017

In April 2016 the Park Lives scheme started a weekly free Tai Chi session in the Millennium Green. For one hour a week a group of local people are guided by the instructor to exercise and learn this ancient pursuit in the fresh air, enjoying a sense of wellbeing and improved fitness. Everyone is welcome, regardless of fitness level. Just turn up – every Thursday 10am-11am.


Below are a selection of photos by local resident Tom Hirons (April 2015), do you have some interesting photos are the area or the canal? Do contact us if you have and we can share them.

Updates January 2021

To cheer us all up over this hard last year some creative locals have been enhancing the Westley Vale with some fun additions. Near The Beach a mysterious ‘goblin door’ appeared in one of the old oak trees.. and then around Christmas time more evidence of the elves and goblins appeared!

and more photos from the last year or so.

This five and a half acres of green space had been a bit of a wilderness for quite a few years, originally being Birmingham City Council allotments.  It is named after the little stream, Westley brook which runs through the site. It also borders The Grand Union Canal and is close to the oldest canal bridge in Birmingham on this canal, (no.86). The Grade II listed Vineries Bridge,(c.1794).  It is a haven for wildlife with many mature trees, a natural boggy area as well as a grassy area with benches for the humans to enjoy.

The site has 3 access points; the main ornamental gates are on The Avenue, decorated with cast iron creatures designed by the local primary school – Cottesbrooke Infants. There is also a gate at the bottom of Malvern Road (usually locked at dusk) and an entrance from the Vineries Canal Bridge at the bottom of Woodcock Lane.  It is steeply embanked next to the canal, and steps take you to an area known locally as ‘the beach’  where a glade meets the water’s edge.  More photographs of Westley Vale Millennium Green and Vineries Canal Bridge

Updates January 2021

To cheer us all up over this hard last year some creative locals have been enhancing the Westley Vale with some fun additions. Near The Beach a mysterious ‘goblin door’ appeared in one of the old oak trees.. and then around Christmas time more evidence of the elves and goblins appeared! 

25 Responses to Westley Vale Millennium Green

  1. Karen Kershaw says:

    I would like to bring a young man here who is in a wheelchair. He can walk a short way but not all the way round. Is this possible? Thank you.

    • Rosie Pettigrew says:

      Hi Karen thank you for your enquiry. I feel the Millennium Green is ideally suitable for a young person in a wheelchair as there is wheelchair access at the main gates in The Avenue and a circular tarmac pathway around the main part of the conservation site which would make for easy pushing/wheeling. The woodland walk which leads to the Grand Union Canal is uneven but in the summer time when it is dry, whilst being a bit of a bumpy ride, might also be an exciting challenge. Our free Tai Chi sessions on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings also welcome members of all abilities as this gentle exercise can easily be adapted for participants in a seated position. I do hope you are able to visit our lovely site soon with your young friend. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me. Rosie Pettigrew, Secretary to the Trust.

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  6. Damon Field says:

    When is the next Tia Chi at the park and also is there a car park There , Thank you Damon

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Damon
      The next Tai Chi is Thursday 2nd January, 10am. There isn’t a car park but street parking on The Avenue, Malvern Road and Woodcock Lane.. (There are 3 different entrances to the Millennium Green). Highly recommend this activity, hope you enjoy it.

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  10. HI,
    this is a lovely little area and it is a pleasure to walk through but i have a compliant to make the entrance on Malvern |Road when the gate is being locked and were i was walking with my neighbour and their early a couple of time this week, just before 8 am the gate was locked. I am assuming that this is a public right of way which means that it should not be locked?

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Caroline. Thanks for contacting us here and on our Facebook page. I have passed on your enquiry directly to the Trustees of the Westley Vale Millennium Green, they should be responding to you shortly, (don’t forget to check your junk email folder). Kind Regards Ged Hughes, Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum.

    • Rosemary Pettigrew says:

      Hello Caroline
      The Malvern Road gate has been locked between dawn and dusk for the last twelve years following a spate of burglaries in the area. It was well advertised and public opinion to take this action was considered and approved by the Board of Trustees at that time. This has worked very successfully over the years and met the requirements of our Trust Deed. The pathways on this private conservation site are not officially public rights of way and the site does indeed remain accessible 24/7 to the general public by means of the main entrance at The Avenue and the access at Woodcock Lane. I am sorry you found the Malvern Road gate was still locked at 8.00am recently, this must have been a rare oversight by one of the key holders and something that very rarely occurs. I hope this answers your query and hope you continue to enjoy your early morning dog walks on our conservation site.
      Rosemary Pettigrew
      Secretary, WVMG Trust

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  17. Alan Ingram says:

    I remember going on the tow path for a ride and finding this magical space opposite. I am glad to see it is being respected and valued. May I also suggest another site for a mural. The wall of the house on the North side of Westley Park by the A4040; the site is occupied by the spoil and store for the work being done in Acocks Green by Fitzgeralds. I wonder if there’s any chance of them sponsoring it in return.

    • gedhughes says:

      When Arts in the Yard were looking to do a mural in Acocks Green this was an area they considered. It depends on funding though, it may still happen. If we hear any more we will let you know.

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  19. In the latest newsletter it stated that you had 200 trees- some of which had been planted.
    I am a leader of a local Brownie group, and was wondering whether it would be possible for us to be involved with planting some more?

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Kathryn, I will forward your enquiry to the trustees of the Millennium Green.
      They have worked with Brownies and Scouts on the site before, I think it could be arranged quite easily.
      Ged Hughes
      Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

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