Village in Bloom Awarded Gold Again!

Each year the gardening volunteers in the village work hard to make Acocks Green look its best. They want the local community centre to look good for everyone who lives and works here. Each year Acocks Green Village is also entered into the Urban Category of the
Royal Horticultural Society’s Nationwide ‘In Bloom’ gardening campaign.

Last year, because of Covid, there was no Village in Bloom, although the volunteers, led so well by co-ordinator Fran Lee, continued to keep on top of the gardening activities where possible, given the restrictions.

This year the event was resumed, but rather than the judges coming around in person to inspect the village, a portfolio of all the work that has taken place over the last year or so was put together to show the great work the team achieve. In the last week the news came through that the judges awarded the Village the top achievement for the 6th year – GOLD!

Here is a quote from the judges detailed marketing sheet:

A very well done for maintaining Gold standard despite the challenges of the pandemic! Fran and the Village in Bloom team are not afraid of a challenge or a little hard work.

Attending the Springtime Beds

View the Village in Bloom 2021 portfolio as a PDF document by clicking the image below:

Congratulations to all the volunteers, and thank you for making the village look so colourful and attractive. You can follow all the work that the team have done over the years on the Village in Bloom page.

The team will be looking for people to help plant bulbs in the autumn, so If you would like to become a regular volunteer or just help out from time-to-time, then contact Fran Lee (contact details on the Village in Bloom page)

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Improvements to Westley Brook down at the Vale

Locals may have noticed some pretty major work going on down at our Westley Vale Millennium Green. The Trustees of Westley Vale have been in touch to explain:

After fourteen months from our first application, we were fortunate to secure funding from Severn Trent Community Fund to create a reed bed on our Millennium Green. With wetland plants along the length of the stream between the two bridges, and wild flower mix to the surrounding area, the reed bed will not only provide a filter system for the heavily polluted Westley Brook, but will also attract a wide variety of wild life to the area.

The work took five days to complete, with a digger and dumper truck on site for two and a half days, then general tiding up until day five when we were all able to get involved in the best bit of sewing the seeds!

Two weeks on and the green shoots are beginning to show – how exciting is that! Although the work on the site was quite startling, the end result will be well worth the wait. What started as an area of disused scrubland, has opened up the stream where the water quality has already improved and we will have a wonderful reed bed which is already attracting a variety of wildlife.

The Brook runs onwards to the Grand Union Canal, is heavily polluted and suffers from domestic miss-connections that were becoming a potential health hazard. The installation of the new reed filtration system was created to greatly reduce the pollutants entering the brook and the canal as it will help improve the water quality and flow.  he installation of brushwood bundles along some of its course and a re-designed meandering course for the brook will also help alleviate flood water in times of high flow.

We hope the resultant improvement to the water quality will help increase the number of aquatic invertebrates which in turn will also attract a greater diversity of wildlife like birds, butterflies, frog and newts. We have already seen evidence of Mayfly larvae in the brook which proves that after only a few days the quality of the water is improving.

The reed bed filtration system is made up of Common Reeds, Reed Mace, and wildflowers have been sown along the banks of the brook which will hopefully become an attractive visual amenity for local visitors to enjoy.

Improvements completed : Project Manager Rob Martyr with Trustees – Rosemary, Veronica and Julia

With thanks to Severn Trent, Robert Martyr Project Manager, Lee Copplestone from Waterside Care and Rosemary Pettigrew, Trustee, who was successful in the fundraising.

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School’s Out

Summer Holidays and some great kids activities at Fox Hollies Forum. And don’t forget the Summer Reading Challenge at our local Libraries. Keep the kids active and keep them reading!

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Free Tai Chi at Westley Vale – Twice a Week

Come along for free gentle out door exercise. One hour session. New to Tai Chi? This is perfect for beginners too.

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Saturday 5th June – Visit Mallard Community Orchard

It’s the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the growing season so come on down to Mallard Close next Saturday and support our wonderful community projects.

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Public Meeting Tuesday 11th May – 7.30pm by Zoom

Calling all are invited to a Public Meeting to find out more about what is happening in the area. Just click on the link at the correct time.

We will be joined by Chris Poolman from Arts Organisation General Public.

In 2022 Birmingham will host the Commonwealth Games. As part of this, there will be a fantastic cultural programme that will occur across the city. Arts organisation General Public have been undertaking a feasibility study in Acocks Green to explore the potential of projects that might feature as part of the Commonwealth Games 2022 cultural programme. They have nearly finished their report for the council and are keen to share some of their findings at the Neighbourhood Forum meeting. They will also be able to signpost how local groups might be able to access funding for local Commonwealth games arts projects.

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Watering Trees in Acocks Green

Over lockdown many of us have been exploring our local neighbourhood a lot more and enjoyed our local greenery. As the temperatures rise and rain becomes more scarce it is important to think about the trees in our neighbourhood. Each year young trees die due to lack of water, so check out your local neighbourhood trees and if the weather is dry then please give them some water.. trees help the environment but also make our roads more attractive. We want Acocks Green to remain a leafy suburb!

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Public Meeting – Wednesday 31st March

Everyone in the area is invited to attend this Public Meeting where we will be joined by the head of Birmingham City Council. Click on the image below at the allotted time to connect to the zoom meeting.

Here is the link again :
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Census is Coming – Everyone needs to Play their Part

Every 10 years there is a count of all of the people in the country. The first census was in 1801 and it has happened every 10 years since then. On 21st March 2021 the census will take place again.

It’s important to fill in your census questionnaire because it gives the most accurate and detailed information we have about our society and the people who live in each area. Census data is used in making decisions about funding public services in our area and for the whole country. Whether it is planning new schools, doctors’ surgeries or transport needs, the information you share has an impact on the lives of everyone living in England and Wales. You are required to complete the census by law.

It takes around 10 minutes per person to fill in the census questionnaire and you will help make sure our community gets the services needed now and in the future. All the questions you may have about the census should be answered in the downloadable booklet below. Please have a read so that you can help others understand the census and how it will help our community.

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Commonwealth Games Arts Project for Acocks Green: What do you think?

Complete the quick survey and your views can shape the celebrations in our area.

In 2022 The Commonwealth Games will be staged in Birmingham. World Class athletes and visitors from around the world will be arriving in Birmingham. You can read more about the games HERE. The Neighbourhood Forum has been contacted by the Arts organisation General Public for our views on how a cultural programme could take shape

To celebrate this exciting international sporting event there will be a fantastic cultural programme that will occur across the city.

Arts organisation General Public think that Acocks Green is a great place for some Commonwealth cultural activity to take place and WE NEED YOU to help shape the idea. 

General Public have been successful in securing funding from Birmingham City Council to conduct a feasibility study in Acocks Green to develop a proposal that might feature as part of this Commonwealth Games 2022 cultural programme. Until March 2021, we are working in partnership with organisations & local people, to make a persuasive case as to why Acocks Green should receive a larger amount of funding for 2022.

Below are some examples of recent cultural events in our area: Left to Right – Drumming workshop at Stockfield Funday, a decorated float for AG Carnival, Dancing at the Stockfield Christmas Cracker.

The cultural programme of the games will be shaped around three simple themes:

The Commonwealth 2022 website states:

– Our place in the Commonwealth
– The present moment
– Stories of Birmingham and the West Midlands

The Commonwealth 2022 website states:

‘It is essential that the festival is created with, not just for, local residents, so that people can recognise themselves and the uniqueness of our region in the work. We will look for and promote new work that recognises the region’s intersectional artistic and cultural practices – sensory concerts, runners’ club art tours, building ‘takeovers’, contemporary carnival, Drag bingo and community-led architectural ‘pavilions’ – the festival will draw on all of this and more’.

Ideas can take all shapes and sizes – What would you like to see happening
in Acocks Green?

If you live in Acocks Green or are connected to the area, please follow the link below and fill in the short online survey and help us develop the Acocks Green proposal.

Alternatively if you have other ideas or views email: or call 07792736125.

This is a great opportunity for Acocks Green so please complete the survey and spread the word

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