Free Interactive On Line Health Sessions

This is a great opportunity for people to get some easily accessible health advice and support.

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Submission Time for Acocks Green Calendar

Did you take some lovely photos when out walking in the area during lockdown? Or maybe you have photos from the last couple of years that you would like to share?

Send as many as you wish in for consideration – just note the criteria. We had some fabulous photos last year and are looking forward to seeing this years.

Advert asking for photo submissions for Acocks Green Calendar
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This Sunday – Great British September Clean

Bring your own gloves but other equipment will be provided (unless you have your own). A chance to have a positive impact on your neighbourhood and meet some like-minded people. Meet opposite Aldi in the village – see below.

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Great British September Clean

Saturday’s #ArmsAroundBirmingham – the Litter pick that follows the whole of the no. 11 Bus Route has a slight change of timetable: The litter picking will take place around an hour earlier than first listed – This is the new approximate timetable. Come out and help on the Acocks Green stretch.

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September’s Great British Clean Up

Every year Keep Britain Tidy work with community groups and individuals to do litter picks and tidy ups in a national campaign. Because of Covid the planned Great British Spring clean ups were postponed but now the campaign is back with a large scale litter pick – thanks to some enthusiastic volunteers and the Active Wellbeing Society. There are also two other Litter Picks organised. Read on!

The weekend of 19th and 20th September there is a litter pick that covers the whole of the no.11 Bus Route. A couple of volunteers are walking the whole route (27 miles!) and asking other groups and individuals to join them on their local stretch of the route. They will be in Acocks Green on Saturday afternoon (2.20pm to 3.15pm approx.) – see the timetable below. Email the co-ordinater if you would like to join in. See email address below:

Also if you just love the satisfaction of tidying up Acocks Green then on:
Sunday 20th September Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum are organising a litter pick around the Yardley Road and the many side roads. Meet outside the Great Western Pub at 10am. If you haven’t got equipment you can borrow some.

And last but not least Acocks Green Village in Bloom are organsing a village clean up on Sunday 27th September at 10am Equipment provided if you don’t have any and wear gloves. Hope to see you there, making a difference to your local community!

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One Man came to Scythe

The gentle sloping meadow in Westley Vale Millennium Green was given its annual cut this week with local scythe-man Adam. To encourage the wild flowers to flourish it is important that the meadow is cut so that the flower seeds get a chance to germinate in the shorter grass and the dominant strong grasses and nettles don’t take over the meadow.


Scythe Man Adam


Scything Time


Gathering the Hay

Adam arrived by bicycle from Kings Heath with scythe strapped to his back. Local peasants came out in force to collect the hay and try their hand with the scythe, which to keep effective, has to be sharpened every 5 minutes or so.

It was was hot day and hard work but after a break for a ploughman’s lunch and a glass of ale the folks had soon cleared the meadow of hay and Adam was on his way back to the Heath from whence he came.  Thank you Adam for working so hard! We’ll see you next year!

The Scything Team Photograph Aug 2020

The Scything Team #NoFilter !

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Young Trees need Water around AG

Think about the road you live on. Are there young trees that have been planted in the last year or two?

We have been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, but we haven’t had much rain. All around Acocks Green and our city there are young street trees that are not getting enough water. Their roots have not had time to develop as much as the mature trees so they can easily die just because they don’t have enough water.

Trees are generally planted with a tube next to them in the ground so if the water goes down the tube it goes directly to the roots. You can’t do any harm by watering them, they will not get over-watered, but you could be a LIFE SAVER.

The trees in Acocks Green Village in the large containers on Warwick Road also need water in this dry weather. Do you want Acocks Green to stay GREEN? If you live near a young tree please water it ASAP.  Trees enhance roads and add value to properties. Birmingham is bidding to be a World Tree City – let’s show the world we love our trees.

Thanks to Taija for the photos. I know she is looking after the trees near her.


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Emerging from Lockdown in AG

Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum is a group of local volunteer residents who work with the council and organisations to for the good of the area. Normally we organise Public Meetings and a regular newsletter, but because of Covid-19 like so many other events, these have had to be temporarily cancelled.

However the Executive Committee have been meeting on Zoom and keeping in touch with activities and developments. So many people have pulled together and adapted in  many ways to support people in the community who have needed help. Neighbours have got to know each other a little more and lots of people have discovered their neighbourhood a little better. Westley Vale Millennium Green has never been so busy on a summer evening, with people discovering this haven on their daily exercise. The quiet streets made the spring birdsong even more noticeable and uplifting.


Our Peaceful Place – Westley Vale Millennium Green

One local resident got up at the crack of dawn to record the Dawn Chorus at the Millennium Green. Here it an audio recording for you to enjoy:

Dawn Chorus at Westley Vale Millennium Green

The local shops have been such a useful resource to people who don’t want to venture into the bigger, busier shops. Also so many people locally work for the NHS or in a caring capacity and have gone beyond the call of duty in so many ways to support people through this pandemic.

As a community we need to continue to build on the positive connections we have made and find strength in our links with others.

If you wish to contact the Neighbourhood Forum and tell us something positive that has been a result of the lockdown then please get in touch and perhaps we can share some of your stories.  Use the Contact Us link. Or if you wish to contact us on any other matter we will endeavour to respond.



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Zoom Meeting – Central and Eastern European Acocks Green Forum

An opportunity to attend an online forum next week for the Eastern European community in Acocks Green. Get in touch with Centrala

All the information below:

Central and Eastern European Acocks Green Forum

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Village in Bloom Need Your Help

On Sunday a team of volunteers planted up the majority of the 22 planters in Acocks Green village with a colourful array of bedding plants. Working individually (and keeping our social distance) a team of 7 worked tirelessly to put in the plants. In the afternoon Fran and Ged gave them a first good watering.

Fran watering the bedding plant in

Fran waters the bedding plants

Do you live or work near one of these planters on Warwick Road? Could you ‘adopt’ one over the summer and water it every other day when it doesn’t rain significantly? Village in Bloom can supply a watering can if required.


Without help from the community, the regular watering of the 22 planters is a huge task with our volunteers carrying or pushing large tanks of water through the village. But if we can get lots of local people to help out, the task becomes a lot easier. If you can help you will be contributing to keeping Acocks Green looking colourful and floral throughout  the summer.

Map of Planters in Acocks Green

Map of Planters in Acocks Green Village

If you would like to help please contact us by responding in the comments here or emailing the co-ordinator Fran Lee :

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