Westley Vale Warm Up

We are lucky to have the 5.5 acre Westley Vale Millennium Green in our area, offering a chance to get close to the natural world and a relaxing place to enjoy a walk or jog.  This time of year you can spot a variety of birds and ducks as well as lots of squirrels. There is also a good range of trees and the autumnal colours are most  impressive.  If anyone would like to share some photos of the Millennium Green then please get in touch. Here is one created and taken by the editor last weekend. The yellow leaves from the willow contrast well with the dark brown of the brown beech leaves.

20151108_120047 (1)

Land Art Installation Westley Vale – November 2015

Also on Saturday mornings there is a chance to really work up a sweat with the local Fitness company.  If you fancy trying it out, the first session is FREE.


The main entrance to Westley Vale Millennium Green is on The Avenue.

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2 Responses to Westley Vale Warm Up

  1. gedhughes says:

    For you Karen – a map. I hope you enjoy Westley Vale Millennium Green. There are entrances on The Vineries Bridge, Woodcock Lane, Malvern Road and the main entrance is on The Avenue, opposite Roberts Road.

  2. esme says:

    Dear Sirs,

    whilst it’s nice to know that this is so – where the heck IS it? I’m unable to find it on any map! And typing ‘Westley Vale’ into Google Maps gives a locatyion in Australia – a tad far for me to walk :-}

    Might I suggest that when you mention places like this that you give some kind of directions or otherwise include a map that clearly indicates where the site is, please? I;d love to go take walks in a park-like area, it;d be good for my mental as well as physical health, but so far as I can tell, aside from a canal that’s around here somewhere, and the Cemetry (nice, as cemteries go, but a tad depressing) it’s brick and tarmac all the way around here!



    On Fri, 13 Nov 2015 19:57:48 +0000

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