One Man came to Scythe

The gentle sloping meadow in Westley Vale Millennium Green was given its annual cut this week with local scythe-man Adam. To encourage the wild flowers to flourish it is important that the meadow is cut so that the flower seeds get a chance to germinate in the shorter grass and the dominant strong grasses and nettles don’t take over the meadow.


Scythe Man Adam


Scything Time


Gathering the Hay

Adam arrived by bicycle from Kings Heath with scythe strapped to his back. Local peasants came out in force to collect the hay and try their hand with the scythe, which to keep effective, has to be sharpened every 5 minutes or so.

It was was hot day and hard work but after a break for a ploughman’s lunch and a glass of ale the folks had soon cleared the meadow of hay and Adam was on his way back to the Heath from whence he came.  Thank you Adam for working so hard! We’ll see you next year!

The Scything Team Photograph Aug 2020

The Scything Team #NoFilter !

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3 Responses to One Man came to Scythe

  1. peter crow says:

    Thanks for all your hard work in Millennium Green.
    The problem of dog excrement here, has been getting steadily worse over recent years. Taking a walk with children through the green is a very unpleasant affair now and many families avoid this area.
    I have personally caught several dog walkers red-handed, leaving their mess behind in broad daylight. They are often the well to do type of dog owner – always very embarrassed to be pointed out and usually do pick up the mess as I wait.

    Clearly they feel that this area is a legitimate place to use as a toilet for their dogs with no risk of being caught and fined. What a shame.

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Peter
      Thanks for your comments and well done for confronting the irresponsible dog-owners. Most people would not have the confidence to do this , but I think it is really important and does make people think the next time they are thinking of leaving their dog’s poo behind. It is a shame that a few people can spoil it for so many people. I will forward your comments to the Trustees of the Millennium Green too.
      Kind Regards – Ged Hughes

  2. Hi all, just read your article above, you might be interested in our lockdown memories photo competition, link above.

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