Young Trees need Water around AG

Think about the road you live on. Are there young trees that have been planted in the last year or two?

We have been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, but we haven’t had much rain. All around Acocks Green and our city there are young street trees that are not getting enough water. Their roots have not had time to develop as much as the mature trees so they can easily die just because they don’t have enough water.

Trees are generally planted with a tube next to them in the ground so if the water goes down the tube it goes directly to the roots. You can’t do any harm by watering them, they will not get over-watered, but you could be a LIFE SAVER.

The trees in Acocks Green Village in the large containers on Warwick Road also need water in this dry weather. Do you want Acocks Green to stay GREEN? If you live near a young tree please water it ASAP.  Trees enhance roads and add value to properties. Birmingham is bidding to be a World Tree City – let’s show the world we love our trees.

Thanks to Taija for the photos. I know she is looking after the trees near her.


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