Acocks Green Police Station Centenary Day

Next Saturday, 18th July, Acocks Green Police Station on Yardley Road celebrates its 100th birthday.  To mark this occasion the Police Station will be open to the public, giving people a rare chance to visit this prestigious building.  The Police Museum will be supplying historic uniforms and vehicles as well as history of the Police in Birmingham. There will also be an opportunity to visit the cells and much more.  If you are interested in finding out more Listen Again to Carl Chinn’s Radio WM programme (half an hour into the programme).

The doors open at 11 O’Clock and finish about 3pm.  Come along and find out more..

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6 Responses to Acocks Green Police Station Centenary Day

  1. gedhughes says:

    Thanks Len, I’ve emailed you. Also check out the new link I’ve put up on the side of the blog. Robert Jones photographer, he took quite a few good photos of the day and of AG Carnival recently. Its an interesting site.

    • Len Copsey says:

      Morning Ged,Have not received an email from you,is their a problem?, you have my phone Number give me a call, i have seen the photos by Robert Jones very good.

  2. Len Copsey says:

    Yes i did go to the Celebration, spent about 3hrs there and enjoyed the event as all the visitors did, of cause the kitchen i remember has gone but the serving hatch from the kitchen to eating area has only recently been bricked up i was told, i have posted the photos i took on THE “Birmingham History Forum” in the thread name “Acocks Green Police 3”, Len Copsey.

    • Len Copsey says:

      Ged Hughes,May i ask are you the Police Inspector i spoke to on the Open Day if you are if you give me your email address, i will email the photos i took on the 22/07/2009, you have my email address, Regards Len Copsey.

  3. Len Copsey says:

    My memory of Acocks Green Police Station is that Miss Coleman who lived in Charles Edward Rd, Yardley opposite my house was the Cook there and as they did not have any female officers at night detectives would come and knock on her door at any time of the night or early morning to go to the station to search female prisoners, they would bring her back and she would be off to work in the morning at her usual time to cook breakfasts, some days she would me the bus fare to the station and give me bones for her pet dog named Tiny which i looked after while she was working, one day she asked the Mounted Policeman to show me the horses in stables, i did this in 1937 until i think when i left school in 1943. Len Copsey.

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Len, thanks for the interesting memories.. I’m sure people will be interested to read them. I hope you can make it to the Centenary Celebration

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