Proposed Changes to Bus Routes 1 & 31

National Express, who are responsible for running our bus services, are proposing some re-routing of the 1 and 31 bus around Acocks Green.  See below maps and descriptions of changes.  If you have any comments please add them by clicking  ‘leave a comment’, we will forward them to National Express.



Service 1: From city, this runs along Shaftmoor Lane, then from here will run on to Olton Blvd, Olton Blvd East and Shirley Rd, terminating in Acocks Green village. This will be the same on the return journey. The changes on service 1 can be tracked on the map above, between Shaftmoor Lane and Acocks Green.


Service 31 (part one) will be routed to run via Acocks Green village, every fifteen minutes. It will run along Shaftmoor Lane and Olton Blvd as currently, then run along Fox Hollies Road, Westley Rd, Shirley Rd and Olton Blvd, after which it returns to the current line of route into Gospel Lane, terminating in Gospel Oak estate as currently. This will be the same on the return journey, changes can be tracked on the map above.


Map of city centre area


Service 31 (part two), to city, will run as currently to Moor Street. From here, it will run along St Martins Circus Queensway (Bull ring tunnel), terminating across from New Street Station, outside the Bull ring Boots Store on St Martins Circus Queensway. From city, the service will start from St Martins Circus Queensway and run along Smallbrook Queensway and Hill Street, returning to the current line of route along Station Street, Dudley Street, Pershore Street, Sherlock Street, Barford Street and back on to Bradford Street. These changes can be tracked on both the above and below maps.

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2 Responses to Proposed Changes to Bus Routes 1 & 31

  1. Christine Thomson. says:

    Will the 31bus still go to Solihull.

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Christine this is a very old article that you have seen. There are no plans to change the current 31 bus as far as I know. You can always check the latest services on the website: All the best Ged – Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

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