Report from Public Meeting – 17th September

The meeting welcomed over 30 members of the local community.  Also the Forum was very thankful for the Guest Speakers –

Jeremy Shields, Head of Waste Management

John Green, Ward Operations, Waste Management

Bari Aziz, Ward Support Officer

Sgt David Mirams  from Acocks Green Police, John Hemming MP, Councillor Roger Harmer and Melinda Brown, Town Centre Manager were also present to answer any questions and update the meeting on local news.

It was an enlightening and interesting meeting.  Bari Aziz the Ward Support Officer explained his role in the Yardley Constituency area.  He said that the people of Acocks Green were the most pro-active in the area who regularly contacted him for help and advice on local issues.  He welcomed the people of the meeting to phone or email him with any concerns that crop up, he explained that it is his job to wherever possible, resolve problems that  were raised by local residents.

Jeremy Shields, Head of Waste Management was welcomed to the meeting to refuse and recycling.  In order to alay occasional negative media coverage he reassured the meeting that all recycling in Birmingham is recycled and is not shipped miles and miles or does not end up in landfill.  All paper collected from Blue Boxes is recycled in Nechells.  Recycling of contents from the Green Boxes and bags takes place in the Midlands.

One member of the public asked Jeremy what could be done about the spillage from green bags, Mr Shields made an important point that green bags should NOT be tied up because they have to be emptied by the crew and opening bags that have been tied is a more difficult and messy job.  Birmingham now recycles over 30% of its household waste and the point of Jeremy attending this meeting is to ask the public to encourage more recycling amongst their friends, neighbours and families.   He answered several questions from the floor and concluded that if there are any other queries regarding waste disposal the number to phone is 0121 303 1112

Melinda Brown (TCM)  and John Green from Waste Management also updated the meeting on news that more litter bins were to be placed on Yardley Road, to help combat the litter problem in the area.

Sgt Mirams informed the meeting about the regular Police Tasking Meetings.  These are scheduled monthly (see latest newsletter for the list of the dates), at AG Police Station.  They are an opportunity for the public to meet with the local police team face to face, in order to discuss any concerns.  He also informed the meeting that the team will be calling at households to meet local residents and ask if there are any issues or concerns in the area.

The next Public Meeting is Thursday 3rd December at the usual venue.

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