Introducing Chief Superintendent Phil Kay

Chief Superintendent Phil KayWe have received notification from the local constabulory of the new  Chief Superintendent Phil Kay, Commander of E3 Police Operational Command Unit, which covers our local area, The police have developed a set of local priorities based on the new Chief Constables vision and welcome meeting and speaking to local people about the issues that matter most.

In policing the area the priorites is to inspire the highest levels of trust and confidence in the communities they serve. In order to do this they have been asked to:

·         Always put citizens at the heart of everything they do

·         Better understand the needs of communities by genuinely listing to and engaging with them

·         Deliver a first class service all the time

·         Continue to reduce crime by transferring fear from the victims to offenders

·         Protect communities from harm

They have also introduced some changes that they believe will have a positive impact on our communities

·         They have introduced dedicated anti-social behaviour patrols to respond promptly to reports of ASB and address the issues contributing to it.

·         Relocated the Sparkhill neighbourhood team from Edward Road Police Station to Sparkhill Police Station, so they are based right in the heart of the community

·         Encouraging Police Officers to make far greater use of community bases resolutions in order to achieve the best outcomes for victims of crime

·         Invested in more Police Officers in frontline policing

·         From 7th September they will have reopened Front Offices at Woodbridge Road and Sparkhill Police Stations during the day to provide people with greater access to these local services.

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