Do you use the alleyway from Stockfield to Yardley Road?

The alleyway that runs along the side of Cottesbrooke Junior School has been a subject of much discussion recently and we would welcome your comments and suggestions.

At the last Police Tasking Meeting on Monday 19th October it was discussed by local residents, the Police, Bari Aziz (Ward Support Officer) and representatives from the Neighbourhood Forum.  The concern raised is that of anti-social behaviour which has caused upset to nearby residents. There has been a campaign to try and get something done about night-time access to this route.

One idea is to gate the alleyway, locking it at night to deter the anti-social behaviour.  However this is logistically difficult to do; who would open and close it?  At what times would it be opened and closed? 

Another answer is to block the walkway off permanently.  Perhaps the school could take over the land as an extention to their playground?  The police have had many complaints over the years about anti-social behaviour at this site so they would be happy to see this walkway permanently closed. But this is not a solution for those who regularly use the cut-through.

It was concluded at the meeting that people who use the alleyway need to be consulted on such possible developments.  It has been in existence for over 50 years and is perceived by many locals, as a Public Right of Way.

What do you think?  Do you use this alleyway?  It is a useful shortcut to the no.11 bus and the shops for those people living around the Stockfield area.  Will closing it stop the anti-social behaviour?  The Neighbourhood Forum would like to hear your views.

Many urban areas have a network of alleyways and ‘cut throughs’ for the benefit of pedestrians.  Large housing estates often had many such shortcuts built into the design.  However this case is definitely not an isolated one.  The Ramblers Association, who campaigns on behalf of walkers recognises the  common concern.

Click here for article by The Ramblers Association about this subject.

If you have any thoughts or views on this alleyway or have other experiences related to ‘cut-throughs’ in Birmingham then let the Forum know.

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