Swansong at Acocks Green Library

Local people were able to attend a most enjoyable concert at Acocks Green Library on 12th November, under the title of “Swansong” which is a regular theme throughout the season.  These are organised through the library and commence at 7.30pm, with entry by free ticket which is available from the library, but with an opportunity to make a personal donation at the end of the programme.
The November event was an evening with Alan Cuckston (harpsichord) and Martyn Shaw (baroque flute).


There where six musical pieces which included Suite no 3 in G (Pieces pour la Flute, 1715) by Jacques-Martin Hotteterre, le Romain:  Suite no 7 in G minor for Harpsichord (1720) George Frideric Handel:  Sonata no 2 in G for Flute and Harpsichord Arcangelo Corelli, Sonata in E minor (HWV 379) for Flute and Harpsichord George Frideric Handel: Three Sonatas for Harpsichord  by Domenico Scarlatti  (K 490-492) and finally Sonata in D for Flute and Harpsichord op. 5 no 4 Jean-Baptiste Loeillet de Gant

Both musicians gave a marvellous performance of this Baroque music and a good rendition of this period music.

Alan Cuckson`s Harpsichord was built in 1981 by John Rooks of Ticknall, Derbyshire.  It is based on an original of 1638 by the Flemish maker Andreas Ruckers, now in the Edinburgh University Collection.

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