What is Acocks Green Village Partnership?

Pictured is the recent meeting of the local village partnership, established in June 2008 following the appointment of the Town Centre Manager.  It comprises of key stakeholders who have an interest in the improvement and future of Acocks Green Village.  The Village area is defined as Acocks Green Centre and Dudley Park Road and Yardley Road, up to and including the junction with Francis Road. Its stated aims are to bring together the local businesses and traders, community groups whose objectives are to represent local peoples views (such as Neighbourhood Forums), Service Providers, Statutory Organisations (Police and Schools), City Council Officers (including  the Town Centre Manager ), Faith Groups and our Councillors.  The Partnership meets on a regular basis and holds an Annual General Meeting.  It works to help co-ordinate and promote improvements for a positive future for our village. It also consults and engages with other groups and organisations within the wider area, to help promote an improved quality of life.

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