New Welcome Signs

Village Sign, Shirley Road. Photo: David Treadwell

Have you noticed the new signs that have sprung up in the last couple of weeks?  On the main roads into the village new signage welcomes visitors to Acocks Green, helping to give our village more of a sense of identity. 

Some locals refer to it as ‘The Village’ and others call it ‘The Green’.  What do you call the shopping area in Acocks Green? 

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  1. Amanda Baker says:

    Good morning,

    (Posted this on the Acock’s Green Traders Website, but seeing how long it got, thought maybe more readers might see it here?)

    I’ve just been reading a Lloyds report which includes this quote:

    “A[n oil] supply crunch appears likely around 2013…given recent price experience, a spike in excess of $200 per barrel not infeasible”
    (Chatham House 2009: The Coming Oil Supply Crunch, Professor Paul Stevens, July 2008, Chatham House updated May 2009

    I was also interested to learn that the UK Coalition Government has ordered a review of world resources shortages: (linked to The Guardian because I can’t currently find the official Government announcement of this).

    More worrying still, and the reason I thought of posting here, Lloyd’s – the specialist insurer, usually the first to insure or complex risks – has produced a report about “Strategic risks and opportunities for business” relating to energy supply. Their conclusions make very thought-provoking reading:

    Click to access 16720_0610_froggatt_lahn.pdf


    “We can expect dramatic changes in the energy sector in the coming decades. This report encourages businesses, both in the energy sector and beyond, to look at how this will impact on their firms. … In order to reduce potential vulnerability and seize opportunities, business should be aware that:

    “1. Energy security is now inseparable from the transition to a low-carbon economy and businesses plans should prepare for this new reality. …

    “2. Traditional fossil fuel resources face serious supply constraints and an oil supply crunch is likely in the short-to-medium term with profound consequences for the way in which business functions today. …

    “6. The sooner that businesses reassess global supply chains and just-in-time models, and increase the resilience of their logistics against energy supply disruptions, the better.”

    I know that our MP, John Hemming, is active in this area – for example, his involvement with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas ( and his own blog on gas supply issues:

    I was wondering – are any discussions underway on ensuring that Acock’s Green is resilient in the face of the oil and other resource shortages, expected by Lloyds to start in ‘the short to medium term’ – maybe in 2013?


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