Westley Vale Improvements

The Westley Vale Millennium Green has recently undergone some improvement work financed by Section 106 funding resulting from the nearby residential development. The majority of the funding has been spent on new sturdy fencing which improves safety and reinforces the footpath.

Westley Vale Millennium Green – New Fencing

Other improvements include new metal benches and hand railing.  The Millennium Green Trustees are also thankful to the paint company Indestructable Paint Ltd who supplied free of charge, the hard-wearing paint used for the Millennium Green’s gates.

Graham Armstrong from Indestructable Paint Ltd with the Millennium Green Trustees

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3 Responses to Westley Vale Improvements

  1. stephen hart says:

    I do like the new trees you have planted in the garden which flower plastic bags of all colours and size’s,and then fill with what[one hate’s to think]
    However well intentioned ,it is an eyesore to what is a lovely green area of natural beauty
    Surly placing green/brown bins around the garden would be less obtrusive .

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Stephen

      Thanks for your feedback. I will pass your views on to the trustees. I’m sure that their thinking is that its better that people use these bags as bins rather than leave litter lying around. The council won’t supply or empty proper litter bins on the site, but maybe there is another way to look at the litter problem.

    • Rosemary Pettigrew says:

      Hi Stephen
      Whilst the Trustees also find the plastic bags ‘unattractive’they are being placed there by well-meaning users of the Millennium Green and it seems the general public are actually using them. The Trust did place litter bins around the site at its creation but these bins ended up in the canal after a couple of days. Unfortunately the council will not empty bins if they are re-instated and we do not have sufficient volunteers to action this either. If you can come up with a better idea for collection of rubbish we would welcome suggestons. We are having a ‘decade celebration’ with the Lord Mayor officiating on Saturday 8th January you would be most welcome to attend-between 3-5pm. Please introduce yourself to the Trustees…

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