Mystery View – Number 2

Any guesses as to the wherabouts of this striking avenue of poplars in our Neighbourhood Forum patch?

The first person to contact us with the right answer gets a mystery prize.

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4 Responses to Mystery View – Number 2

  1. Amanda Baker says:

    Interesting! No, I’ve not seen these before. Could it be Fox Hollies Park?

    Could I also ask a question? I hear rumours of animals being stolen to be killed by fighting dogs in the AG area. Now my neighbour’s black-and-white longhair cat (called Elvis!) has gone missing from Douglas Rd, not seen for over a week. Can anyone tell me more about this terrible rumour? (And perhaps if you’re in the Douglas Rd area, you can look around for Elvis in your sheds and gardens, and ask your neighbours if they’ve seen him?)


    • gedhughes says:

      I do hope Elvis turns up. I haven’t heard the rumours of dog fighting in the area, if anyone has heard more about this do get in touch. The photo is not Fox Hollies park (although that is s a very nice park to explore close to our patch).

  2. Mark Hewson says:

    Yardley Cemetary, possibly at the bottom end of clay lane.

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Mark, right again, well done. It is Yardley Cemetery. This avenue is situated on the right hand side (approaching from Yardley Rd), close to the path that runs by the allotments. If you send me your address I will post your mystery prize!

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