Film Studies in Acocks Green

If you are interested in learning more about cinema there is an opportunity to study Film right here in Acocks Green  at Stone Hall Adult Education Centre, next to Acocks Green Primary School.  Students who are successful on this course can apply to join a Part Time degree in English and Cultural Studies at The University of Warwick. Two students who took another course in the same series, on English Literature, who finished this summer are now being considered for degree places at Warwick.


Brenda Crockett from Acocks Green, looking forward to Film & Cinema Studies at Stone Hall


Tutor, Julia Larden says:  ‘This is a fantastic opportunity for local people who want to take a degree at a prestige university. However, whether you have higher education aspirations or not, the course is also designed as an informative and lively introduction to Film. There will be lots of great films on offer and info about how to read film, interpret camera techniques, use of lighting, imagery and much more. No previous knowledge, or qualifications of any kind, are necessary”.

Click on the link for the full details of the course:

There is a freebie offer too: people who come along to Stone Hall on
Saturday 11th, at 11 O’clock for a free ‘taster’ session lasting 45
minutes, and then decide to sign up on the spot, will receive a free
£10 book token, from the University.

Adult Education at Stone Hall

Stone Hall also offers lots of other courses leading to qualifications, as well as Leisure and Fitness classes, to find out more call in or phone 464 9150 or for Birmingham Adult Education Courses in general phone: 303 4318

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