Smithy’s Cafe – A Long History

Thanks to a local resident, Ross, for an interesting article and photos about the long history of our local friendly cafe on Yardley Road.
I wonder whether Margo Hitchinson and Ethel Baldwin foresaw that the cafe they opened at 73 Yardley Road with £50 capital in 1936 would still be thriving seventy-five years later. They named their business 4 O’Clock, which surely evokes a vision of home-made cakes and dainty cups of tea.

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We can not know what the two ladies would have made of the He-man’s Breakfasts and Belly-Buster Baguettes sold there in the brash 1980s under the Cabin Cafe banner, but I am sure they would approve of the friendly and efficient service and modern menu offered in recent years by the present owner, Lisa Smith, under the new name Smithy’s.
Ross Cameron
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