Report from Public Meeting – 10th February 2011

Thanks to everyone who attended our public meeting last Thursday.  It was lively and informative.  Two representatives from the Planning Department, Ian MacLeod and Doug Lee, discussed the Core Strategy 2026 – the strategic plans for our city. The council are looking for feedback from citizens on the proposals and you can comment until 18th March. For more information and if you would like to share your views with the council go to:

Also thank you to Melinda Brown, Town Centre Manager, who gathered lots of feedback about Acocks Green Village from the attendees, who were asked to write their views on flipchart paper under various headings.

Sgt Mirams from Acocks Green Police also updated the meeting with the latest news, including that good news that the PCSOs in Acocks Green will not be affected by cutbacks and so will continue to support the local community.  There has also been an increase in burglary in our area which the force are working hard to address.

Councillors Penny Wagg and Roger Harmer were also present, responding and taking note of people’s concerns regarding the recent road resurfacing and other issues.


John Green from Waste and Fleet Management was also present to discuss waste issues and inform us of changes in waste management in the area which will now be looked after by a local team.

There was also a heated discussion about the Church Hall where the meeting took place and the plans by Stockfield Association to demolish and redevelop the site.  Many people have a real attachment to the present building [called the Glyn Edwards Hall] and are concerned about losing it to  see it replaced by glass fronted modern building. (For images of the proposed development go to the Acocks Green Focus Group website post : click here

If you would like to get more involved in the Neighbourhood Forum and join the Executive Committee to help make a real difference to our area then please contact us through this website.

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2 Responses to Report from Public Meeting – 10th February 2011

  1. Matt Vaughan says:

    Hi is it possible you could tell me what sort of things are covered at a Public Meeting as i have’nt been to one before,As i have a problem which i need to speak to a councillor one to one in private with ASAP, i’ve been in touch with the Birmingham City Council a number of times about who to speak to but i keep being told that someone will get in touch but no one does,i really hope you could point me in the right direction.

    Thanks Matt.

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Matt
      Thanks for your email. The Public Meeting usually has a guest speaker who talks about a relevant topic to local citizens. There is also an opportunity for people to air their concerns or views about local matters. Councillors are always invited to the meetins and usually at least one of them attends. I’m sure they would see you one-to-one if you requested it at the meeting. However you can always call in to the Drop-In Councillor Advice Centre, held every Monday 7pm to 8pm at Acocks Green Library. I hope this helps.

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