Plans for the Baptist Church Hall – Feedback from Consultation

Stockfield CommunityAssociation and the baptist church have been in touch with us to pass on updates from the recent consultation process. We are publishing their comments as they passed them on to us. Click the link below to read their report.

Consultation Feedback

What do you think? Please let us know. If you have something to say about the proposals you can also contact Stockfield Community association or the church directly.

Church and Glyn Edwards and Arthur Moore Community Halls

Artistic impression of new building, courtesy of AG Focus Group

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6 Responses to Plans for the Baptist Church Hall – Feedback from Consultation

  1. Emma C says:

    The new building looks awful. Birmingham is forever losing attractive old buildings to make way for anonymous soulless replacements. Please reconsider! Surely the older building could be incorporated into a more sympathetic replacement? That would be better both for the character of Acocks Green and the environment.

  2. Al says:

    For me, the nub of the problem lies in this Q&A –

    “Q: Could the proposals work with the existing buildings being restructured
    A: The current buildings on the church site have developed over time and do not
    always work together as well as they could. The current layout presents some
    challenges to current users, and also limits what could be achieved if looking at
    the site as a whole. From detailed appraisal of the site and the needs and
    aspirations of user groups, we believe that in order to safeguard the future of the
    listed buildings and provide something that genuinely responds to local needs,
    the best way forward is to replace the Glynn Edwards Hall.”

    They haven’t provided the reasons WHY internal restructuring couldn’t work. Internal structuring could, presumably, improve the current layout and help the buildings work better together as a whole. They haven’t said why internal restructuring wouldn’t be able to provide ‘something that genuinely responds to local needs’.

    Those of us on this forum are local people, keen to make sure that we have suitable local facilities, keen to safeguard our historic buildings, and keen to make sure Acocks Green is a safe, pleasant and well appointed place to live and work. We don’t want to hold back things that would genuinely make Acocks Green better. But we need to be shown how this would do that, before we could agree to demolishing this lovely hall.

    I wonder if it is something that the architects want to do, rather than something that the community really wants? If you go to a hairdresser, they are going to want to cut your hair. If you hire an architect, they are going to want to design a modern new building.

    I need more information on this aspect before being convinced.

  3. Amanda Baker says:

    Hopefully, all residents in the area are receiving this weekend an A5 folded sheet called, “Update on Acock’s Green Baptist Church Community Facilities” dated March 2011.

    They state, “We have not been advised by planning or conservation officers that the Glynn Edwards Hall is listed,but we are seeking further clarification”. So urgent communication on the Local Grade A listing would seem necessary?

    The Baptist/Stockfield sheet sets out to summarize ‘some of the questions which people asked’ in the questionnaire produced by the Baptists and Stockfield. Here’s one example:

    Q: What consideration is being given to addressing parking concerns?

    A: Parking is a long-term local issue, and is something which already affects church members and users as well as local residents. Discussions are underway with Planning Officers to explore how these concerns can best be addressed within the proposals.

    Personally, I cannot see any physical possibilities for ‘parking concerns’ to be ‘addressed within the proposals’. There is no space for the current number of vehicles, so what could possibly be done with an increased number?

    Also, I could not see any comments in the newsletter about the current viability of the business plan for the project. There are serious concerns being raised, as I understand that much of the potential funding has in fact already been cut or eliminated?

  4. Peter Greenway says:

    Sorry but that just looks wrong, it has no style or character and does not complement the old building at all

  5. Julia says:

    Deborah’s comment sounds about right to us at Acocks Green Focus Group ( where we have more postings on this – one person in our group has described the proposed replacement design as a plate glass shed!

    Incidentally, the Glynn Edwards is still locally listed Grade A – as it has been for many years. Yes, this has got left off the list on the BCC website, but we double-checked this week. Anyone with any lingering doubt, however, should call Planning on 0121-303 1115.

    Notes which may of interest on Glynn Edwards himself: he was J. Glynn Edwards (1876-1945) and Minister of Acocks Green Baptists 1920-1932. One old book describes a Baptist minister in Norwich a little earlier, also called J. Glynn Edwards, ie almost certainly the same person, as ‘a most loveable personality’. It seems he initiated the building of the Hall, in 1924.


    I think the design of the new building is too modern and takes away all of the character of the old building – where is the old building in fact. It looks like one of those new health centres they are building all over the place. Can we not have a new building in keeping with the style of the old one ???

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