Report from our Public Meeting & AGM 19th May

Our 16th Annual General Meeting, held at Acocks Green Baptist Church, with Forum Residents, Councillors, other Visitors and Guest Speakers, including Lord Hunt Chair of Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted, the financial report submitted to the meeting and accepted.
It was considered appropriate, with the current “Health and Social Care Bill” passing through Parliament, to invite a representative from the Trust, with an introduction from Lord Hunt, which was most interesting and well received.
Our understanding of the current structure of the NHS, is having the four main hubs of care delivery of GP Surgeries, Hospitals, Community Care and Social Care.
It would seem that the the central aim of the reform is to be an integration of all levels of care and Patient/Public engagement to be centre stage.
Heart of England Foundation Trust is very much involved with Patient/Public engagement, through and with the following headings.
3 Local Hospitals (Heartlands, Solihull, Good Hope) and the Birmingham Chest Clinic.
National Agenda-Patient Led Services
Move towards ‘Experience’
Measuring and monitoring of this ‘Experience’ (PALS, surveys, ‘Back to the Floor’, User Groups.
Patients and carers-better informed, with high expectations.
Rising demand, aging population
Work with the community in partnership, not in isolation, with GPs, Care Homes, community organisations ect.
They are a resource to be used by the community! 9 Staff, Blood Pressure, Health Advice, Nutrition, Schools)
Public Sector-stricter financial controls, less resource in communities although more demand.
HEFT opportunities for valuable experience-volunteering, apprenticeship programme.
Change how they work with communities.
Patient and Public Involvement Manager:Jamie Emery 0121 434 3322;
Election of Committee & Executive for 2011/12.
All the previous Committee had agreed to stand for re-election, with the exception of Rebecca Doherty, who will be leaving us in Acocks Green,  other parts.  Thanks and appreciation was recorded for her past support and involvement. Also thanks and appreciation for the support & advice received from our past councillor Penny Wagg.
Our new Councillor Stewart Stacey, was invited to take the chair during the election of officers for the committee.  David Treadwell was elected Chair and the executive members duly elected were Mike Clarke, Ann Clarke, Ged Hughes, Stephen Cox, Martin Young, Ricky Joseph, Amanda Baker, Amanda Spencer and Nancy Turner.
A call for any further nominations was made to the meeting and the name of James Corcoran was offered and duly elected.
The City Council has supported the establishment of Neighbourhood Forums, since the forming of Ward Committees in 1991, as a means for ensuring local people can influence the way local decisions are made.
The development of Neighbourhood Forums and the promotion of active citizen involvement in local communities are essential components of the City Councils policy in achieving excellence in Communities.  They provide support to Neighbourhood Forums and encourage their involvement in Partnership working adds to the value of this commitment.
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