A little history of our village

Thanks to Neighbourhood Forum chairman and local historian David Treadwell,  for a little insight into the history of our area. If you click on the maps you can see more detail.  It is interesting to see how the area has evolved and the lay of the land.  Some of the old names are still in use today.  The 1790 plan shows the remnants of our earlier open field system, started by the Anglo Saxons, running down from a ‘Ridge Way’.  The strips are bisected by the canal and would have run down towards ‘Westley Brook’

If you compare this with the 1860 map you can still see the consolidation of the strips into parcels of land, which are now reflected in the street systems.

The ‘Ridge way’, which is now Yardley Road, divided the fields.  On the Eastern prospect was the field known as Acocks Green Field, previously ‘Nether Hynefield’ and on the Western prospect it was called ‘Over Hynefield’ in 1619.

Map of Acocks Green around 1790 - click on map for closer look

The strips were invariably leased and were maintained by a heavy plough pulled by oxen to cut a deep furrow.  These furrows divided the strips with a raised ridge marking the individual strips.

It may be worth noting that the three settlements were Westley Brook, Flint Green and Fox Green, with Acocks Green located at the junction of Warwick Road and Woodcock Lane, which was the site of Acocks Green House, built around 1649 (demolished around 50 years ago).

Map of Acocks Green dated 1850- click on map for closer look

Pinfold House,  which still stands on Mansfield Road and is now being renovated, is shown on the 1850 map.  The historic core of the property is probably from the 17th Century, as is the Barn which was thought to have been a threshing barn.

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