Join in the Bike Train Day from Acocks Green – Thursday 22nd September

On the 22nd September 2011, Birmingham Friends of the Earth in conjunction with PushBikes and Sustrans will be holding 5 “Bike Train” events. This is an opportunity for people to get out on their bikes for the commute to work.

It is the annual Car Free Day, so they want people to leave their cars at home and join a “Bike Train” to work.

A bike train is essentially a group of people cycling together to get to their destination. It is a mass-ride that is a SAFE, FUN, and SIMPLE way to:
– get fit
– get to know your colleagues and meet new people
– help the environment by reducing air pollution and CO2 emissions
– discover Birmingham and see it from a completely different perspective
Birmingham Bike Trains will be running along 5 routes into the city centre (Victoria Square) in time for people to get to work.
There will be a breakfast at the end.

For a map of the routes, as well as to register, please follow the link below!

Map and Registration

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