Study at University in Acocks Green!

Edel Brangan is hoping there will be plenty of interest in the Warwick University English Certificate course in Acocks Green and enough people will sign up so the course can run.

This is a part-time, day-time, first year degree level course. Students joining these courses, which can work like mini ‘Access’ courses, may be considered later for a place on a degree course at a top university
– eight students last year gained a place – or they may study on these friendly two hour weekly ‘Certificate’ courses purely for interest and fun. Fees are £300 for the year or £200 concessionary rate.

Edel Brangan hoping to study a Warwick University English Class in Acocks Green this autumn

Edel said:
“I was really interested when I saw this course advertised. I think it is a fantastic opportunity to study a subject, locally, at degree level, especially at this price, and the Taster Session was great fun. I signed up on the spot”

On Julia Larden’s Saturday morning course (10.30-12.30) students will receive an introduction to the study of all the main branches of English Literature (novels,poetry and drama) at degree level. This course will take an ‘intertextual’ approach looking at the ways in which different literary texts can relate to, and run a debate with, one another. Why should we read Ian McEwan’s Atonement alongside L. P. Hartley’s The Go-Between, for example, or how did Wilfred Owen & Co in the trenches of the First World War react to Keats and Shelley?

Helen Maher who already has the English Certificate, but was now hoping to study for the History Certificate said:
“I have completed two Open Studies Certificate courses that have been the most well taught and engaging further education courses I have ever attended. I found both courses fascinating and it is wonderful that I was able to access these courses locally. Not only are the courses a pleasure to study in themselves but there is also the unique opportunity of using them as the basis to progress to the Part Time Degree course at Warwick University.”

For more information click here
or call University of Warwick, Open Studies, on 024 7615 1155.

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