Acocks Green Village to become a Business Improvement District

Great news was announced on Friday, a YES vote won the recent ballot to make Acocks Green a Business Improvement District (BID).  The BID goes live in January, whereby businesses pay into a central fund to improve the village. This in turn helps improve visitor numbers and therefore more successful shops and businesses. Outlined below are more of the expected outcomes of a BID –

A thriving business community that:

  • Has the confidence to grow in a supportive and flourishing environment.
  • Puts the customer at the heart of everything the BID does
  • Prospers through collective promotion and new local supply chains.
  • Creates a better image for the Village to attract more local custom.
  • Works better together and with the police to reduce crime.

Acocks Green Village. Photograph courtesy of Birmingham Mail

Thanks to all those that helped arrange and champion the BID which will last for at least 5 years. Thanks especially goes to Melinda Brown, Town Centre Manager, who worked hard to make the BID a success and has worked closely with the Neighbourhood Forum over the years. We wish her farewell and success for her future, as her job role officially comes to an end on 31st October.

More information about Acocks Green BID is available at the link below.

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