CBSO Music in Acocks Green Library

Another delightful Swansong concert took place on Wednesday 23rd November at Acocks Green Library. The 2011 season was brought to a pleasant close by a fine performance from the CBSO players, with string compositions from Arensky, Haydn and Rimsky Korsakov.

This was a well attended concert of approximately 75 members local music lovers, who enjoyed a programme enthusiastically performed by the musicians comprising of Violins: Byron Parish and Libby Golding, Violas: Amy Fawcett and Miriam Guillaume, Cellos: Jackie Tyley and Helen Edgar. The programme comprised of ‘Variations on a theme by Tchaikovsky’ from
Arensky. A Quartet The Joke by Haydn. and a Rimsky Korsakov Sextet.

The CBSO Players perform at Acocks Green Library

We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience similar standards of performance in our area over recent years and Mike Byrne reported that the ‘Swansong’ Concerts will continue in the New Year, but with a slight reduction in the number of performances. He further thanked all the folk who have given their good support over this time, which has allowed these concerts to be organised.

Also the Arts and Media events will continue  in the New Year at the library on January 11th at 2pm with a presentation from Susan Hunston, on the subject of our real thoughts called Reading between the Lines.  For more information call in at the library for  tickets.

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2 Responses to CBSO Music in Acocks Green Library

  1. Julia Larden says:

    Thanks for the report – these events always sound great. Hope not too cheeky, but any chance of a pre-event posting to remind some of the more disorganised members of our community … ?

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Julia
      Yes the concerts are always enjoyable and much thanks goes to Mike Byrne for oganising them. We do try and keep the What’s On Page up to date and usually list Swansong concerts there. As soon as we know the next one I will put it on that page.

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