A Tranquil Scene in Acocks Green

A local artist has recently captured one of the more picturesque spots in our patch in acrylic paint. Tahirah Ravoof who lives in Acocks Green, regularly enjoys walks near the Grand Union Canal and decided she would like to reproduce the September colours in paint.

Recognise the view?  Are there any other artists out there who have paintings of Acocks Green? Maybe we could start an online gallery,


Another local artist has been in touch. Fae Palmer’s art is striking, with some famous faces amongst her collection.  For more info about Fae’s work click on the link to see her website.

Portrait of Ray Charles by Fae Palmer

See more of Fae’s work at her website:  http://geckoartwork.weebly.com/

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1 Response to A Tranquil Scene in Acocks Green

  1. Julia says:

    Very atmospheric. Quite chuffed to know we have artists in Acocks Green! Have linked to on Twitter.

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