Public Meeting 24th April – Report

Thanks to all those who attended the Public Meeting on Tuesday.  We had a great turnout and the local councillors and Police Sergeant Fellows were on hand to answer questions and update residents.  The guest speaker – Hannah Worth, from The Chamberlain Forum updated us on the Localism Bill of last year, which could potentially have an impact on developments in Acocks Green in the future.  Thanks to Jon Morris, from Fox Hollies Neighbourhood Forum who explained about Community First – a funding opportunity for organisations in the area, (more info to follow here shortly) and the proposed Conservation Areas of AG.

Thanks to local residents who turned up and aired their concerns about issues in the area.  Lets hope that the Forum gave them the opportunity to highlight these to those who can help to resolve them and, ultimately improve community life for those who live and work in Acocks Green.

Next Public Meeting (and AGM) is Tuesday 19th June, hope to see you there.


Date:  Tuesday 24th April

where:  Baptist Community Hall, Yardley Road.
(close to Police Station)

when: 7.30pm

What:  Public Meeting, everyone in the local area is welcome.  Refreshments served.

Longboat on Grand Union, from Westley Vale, Acocks Green

Amongst those present at the meeting will be:

Hannah Worth from The Chamberlain Forum who help public services and communities work together for better places to live.
Acocks Green Police present to make note of any issues or concerns

There will be a chance to talk to these representatives  informally whilst having refreshments. There will also be an opportunity for people to ask questions and raise any concerns or issues.

Come along and find out more about what’s going on in our area.

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2 Responses to Public Meeting 24th April – Report


    Hello we recieve the Forum News as we live in Acocks Green,, in fact Dudley Park Road to be precise. We try to do our bit for the community, and have been able to get signs put up regarding the warning about dog fouling in this street. But on a lighter note we spotted that the map of Acocks Green on the F/N is not correct.The continuation of Dudley Park Road is Yardley Road not Sherbourne Road, which happens to be a side Road. Just thought I would bring it to your attention.. Thank you The Rushtons….

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Sylvia
      Thank you for contacting us. It’s a weird one with Sherbourne Rd as the map comes from the A to Z. I have just checked it on Google maps and they do mark that stretch of the road as Sherbourne, as well as the side road on the left. Just one of those quirky things. Anyway perhaps we will see you at the Public Meeting? Thanks for your interest in the Forum.

      Ged Hughes
      Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum News & Website

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