Acocks Green Theatre Company – Stage 27 presents…..


Local based Theatre company present their Summer Production and the Old Rep Theatre in Station Street, Birmingham City Centre. Tickets are available on their website HERE or on the door at the theatre.

“The Constant Wife is a lovely feminist vehicle: if your husband plays around, boot him out and get a sex-life.”

London.  1920s.  The height of civilised society.  Where husbands are husbands and wives are….constant. Constance is calm, intelligent and self-aware. Her husband, a successful Harley Street Doctor is being unfaithful with her best friend.  Her friends know.  Her sister knows.  Even her mother knows.  But what they don’t know is that Constance knows about it too, but is dealing with it in her own deliciously devilish way.  Revenge hath no fury like a modern woman scorned.

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