Water Please?! – Although we’ve had rain this week, plants still need water!

Acocks Green Village in Bloom is struggling in the heatwave.  The Britain in Bloom judges will be in Acocks Green on Tuesday 30th July. Last year we received a bronze medal for our efforts in enhancing the village, this year we are aiming for gold!  However with this baking weather watering is becoming a concern.

Do you live or work in the village? Could you help Acocks Green Village to look flourishing and colourful?
Although the council are contracted to water the hanging baskets on Warwick Road, it is the responsibility of the local community to water the extra beds that have been planted by volunteers.

Some community-spirited shop staff have kindly offered to water some areas of the village and the Bloom Team are very grateful to them. But whilst the weather is like this the plants need all the help they can get! Over-watering is not going to be a problem we have to worry about. The Bloom team say:

It would be great if local people could ‘adopt’ just one small bed or container each to water each then all areas would be looked after.

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Areas that need water:

There are newly-planted flowers on the corner of Woodcock Lane.
Two square planters on the Warwick Road, (by G0ssips café)
flowers planted in the central reservation opposite Bowen’s Estate.
Also the village’s pride and joy, the lovely orchard in Mallard Close needs water.
Geraniums on tree base on corner of Victoria Rd/Warwick Rd
Baskets under ‘Welcome to Acocks Green’ signs on Shirley Road and Warwick Road
flowerbed and under tree at crossing by Sainsburys.
flowerbed on island next to crossing between dentist/subway

With no rain expected the plants desperately need watering, can you help?

If you are able to spare some time to water then please let us know. Or if you know someone who lives in the village who might be able to help then spread the word.
Nature needs people to give a helping hand during this hot weather.

The best time of day to water is in the evening or early morning, when the sun is not on the plants.

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8 Responses to Water Please?! – Although we’ve had rain this week, plants still need water!

  1. Stu Johnson says:

    I’ve ‘adopted’ the basket under the ‘welcome to the village’ sign on Shirley Road (outside the library), gave it a watering this morning before I went to work. Happy to have made a little contribution, the village does look lovely with all the new flowers, and I do love the new directions sign put up on Westley Road by the Inn On The Green!

    • gedhughes says:

      That’s great Stu. Thank you. Yes all the improvements, like the new bins and repainting of benches look good too.

  2. cooper deborah says:

    It’s a pity u do not have a way of sharing this via Facebook. Do u have a facebook page ???

    Sent from my iPhone

    • gedhughes says:

      Hi Debs
      I sent it to Sandy Gianni, the Business Improvement District (BID) Manager who runs Acocks Green Village Facebook page, she has kindly posted it. Its an idea to put it on my own FB page too. I did put it on my twitter stream, thanks for your suggestion.

      Ged Hughes
      Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

  3. Jo says:

    We can help out, just let me know what we can do to help. We can have a section to water daily or help with giving people water!
    Sainsburys Acocks Green

    • gedhughes says:

      That’s great thanks. If you can water the crossing by your shop and the geraniums under the tree (by the crossing that would be great). Any extra up further up the reservation would be a bonus. Thank you!

  4. Stephanie Cookson says:

    I’m happy to do some watering, if I take a watering can, can I ask the local businesses to fill it with water?

    • gedhughes says:

      Thanks Steph, yes most of the businesses are happy to supply water. What’s best is if you say which area you are watering, so we can see what’s being covered. During this weather the beds need water at least every other day.

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