Live Webchat with our Police Inspector – This Tuesday between 5pm and 6pm

Would you like to make comments or ask questions directly to Inpsector Jim Gooderidge? Here is a rare opportunity to speak directly to the man in charge of the Police Unit for Acocks Green.

Inspector Jim Gooderidge

Inspector Jim Gooderidge

Click on the link to take part:

You can remain anonymous and there is no need to register. You will also be able to see the questions that other people are asking. If you can’t tune in between 5pm and 6pm you will be able to replay the event after it has finished.

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2 Responses to Live Webchat with our Police Inspector – This Tuesday between 5pm and 6pm

  1. Leslie Hemming says:

    It is a great privilege that Inspector Gooderidge is putting himself up for such a transparent and accessible opportunity for the public to speak with him.May i ask that the question of litter be raised please. Great efforts are, and, have been made to enhance the quality of the village environment in recent times unyet still persistent litterers are spoiling our public environment without any apparent consequence?
    I understand that the law is that to litter remains an offence that carries a fine of between £50-£80 pounds .Could it be possible that The City Council in conjuction with the Police could allow us some litter warning signs erected as we have for alcohol and that our local Police and Community Officiers could softly invite the few that persist in littering to change their behaviour for the common good in the first instance and where absolutely nessessary fines be issued for beligerant flagrant offenders and it be published as a deterrent?
    Yours sincerely ,Leslie of Sherbourne Road,a proud of Acock’s Green Resident.

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Leslie, litter is a subject that really gets people talking. It is always mentioned at our Public Meetings. Something definitely needs to be done to address this concern, several different approaches might be the best option, signs and fines as you suggest could well help. Somehow making it socially unacceptable may also help. Encouraging people to take pride and respect their environment is another possibility. Anyway I hope that you are available on Tuesday to express your concerns live to the Inspector.

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