Old Dustbin and Recycling Boxes Collection – 13th and 14th December******UPDATE*****

******Update Monday 15th December**** Apparantly the majority of dustbins and boxes were collected over the weekend. If yours was not then leave it at the front of your property and it will be collected in the next 7 days according to our councillors.

If you have received wheelie bins and no longer require your old recycling boxes and old dustbin then you can put them out on the front of your property, for collection by the council over the weekend of 13th & 14th December, they will then recycling them. The council ask that they are, as far as possible, clean before they are collected. Put them out before 6am on Saturday 13th December and they will collect them on either the Saturday or Sunday, or you can dispose of them responsibly yourself.

You can however keep the containers if you wish. An old dustbin could make a water butt or compost bin.


Also you can now order your Garden Waste Collection for 2015 via the website and save £5 if you order before 31st December – the annual cost is £30

Click here to continue or commence the Garden Waste fortnightly collection in the springtime.

For more about rubbish and litter and what to do about it click on the Village in Bloom Page for the latest in a campaign to clean up our streets.

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