Village in Bloom Presents Best Shop Front Award

This year, as part of the Acocks Green Village in Bloom project, a Best Shop Front Award has been launched. The AG Village in Boom team recently presented the first award to The Swan Trio for their contribution. Fran Lee, Bloom Co-ordinator tells us why they won this prestigious award:

Best Shop Front – The Swan Trio

Hazel and her colleagues put on a fantastic show for the judges from Britain in Bloom when they visited us on 8th July. They had the brilliant idea to display a representative range of items customers can find inside their shop. The judges were greeted by a line of plant pots on top of the wall, adorned with handmade poppies moulded from old CDs and a pair of boots to illustrate their shoe repairing business (not a load of cobblers), planted up with flowers.

Another clever idea was to use garden canes topped with mohair wool in a variety of colours, echoing a vase of flowers. Butterflies made from brightly coloured pieces of material fluttered from tennis rackets, timed perfectly for Wimbledon and, to add to the welcoming aspect of this business, Hazel’s daughter served drinks and snacks to the judging party which was gratefully received.

Knitted dolls, showing that they sell all kinds of wool, were dressed in baby clothes which are also for sale inside.  The window displayed a good range of jewellery, photo frames and leather goods. What a delight to visit.

Also making our village look attractive, Bowen’s estate agency adorned a new fence with patio roses in addition to the line of Pelargoniums displayed over the shop – who said that estate agents did not always smell of roses?! Banquet Cafe has put up an new attractive awning and E and J Barbers by Woodcock Lane have painted the front of their shop. Gossips took advantage of one of our hanging baskets as well as two planters at the entrance of their shop. Midland Schoolwear also have one of our hanging baskets. The Inn on the Green displays four of our hanging baskets, as does the Red Lion and Thai Dy nail bar next door. Bodylines also enters into the spirit, with their colourful hanging baskets throughout the summer. The team are very grateful for the support it has received from such businesses. Lets hope it is a sign of more support to come.

We are all starting to realise that a clean, well presented shopping centre will attract the crowds made even more attractive, of course, by all the wonderful planting.

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting the campaign in any way.

Fran Lee Co-ordinator – Acocks Green Village in Bloom 0121 706 0076

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