Happy Twenty First to Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

A Twenty First Celebration – A message from the Chair

1994 to 2015  Congratulations on reaching this  milestone

May I also offer a very special thanks to all the executive members and officers, who over these years, have voluntarily given their time and efforts to ensure there’s a place for the principles and work of the Forum, for the benefit of all.

We have had many projects and challenges that have resulted in successful outcomes. Hforumowever, one of our main aims is the opportunity to bring residents together, to share experiences and discuss topics. Many of these at our 69 public meetings, to date, where over 2000 residents have joined in with these discussions.  We have had many successes and influences  over the years, readily seen and reported and, of course, we have seen areas where we may not have been so successful. But one of our main aims is to promote community engagement and that our social neighbourhood should be a delight and a refuge, for the benefit of all who are involved with it.

Vineries Bridge, Acocks Green, received Grade II Listing thanks to AG Neighbourhood Forum

Vineries Bridge, Acocks Green, received Grade II Listing thanks to AG Neighbourhood Forum

Always, to continue to promote the interests of our local area and all its community, where we can  work together for the benefit of all.  Where belonging to a place and to support each other, is considered important, where there is  a feeling of engagement and connection to that place where we live and a sense  of being part and respect for who we are and our heritage, where we can hopefully, in some way, be able to influence what happens.

We are currently, experiencing many challenges and the times ahead may be difficult and we could foresee a reconfiguration of our experiences and circumstances.  Therefore, it may be even more important to maintain our collective engagements and values that make us who we are, a civic heritage that many of us still consider worthwhile and which has served us well, over many years.

Finally, it has been a great privilege to have served you over many of these years and to have had the opportunity to work with many great people  in Acocks Green.  To share their thoughts and ideas, to ask the many questions in search for the answers and to stay and remain safe and  hopeful for the future of our common interests, in Acocks Green.  A place that some of us still call the ‘Village.’

Therefore, let us continue and build on the strengths of ‘Team AG’, where anything is always possible.

Kind regards to you all

David Treadwell, Chair, Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

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2 Responses to Happy Twenty First to Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

  1. Congratulations to Acock’s Green Neighbourhood Forum on reaching your twenty first anniversary and for serving the village for all these years. The level of resident involvement in Acock’s Green adds greatly to the quality of life in the village and is to be much admired and appreciated.

  2. Nancy Turner says:

    I am pleased to be part of The Neighbourhood Forum, Nancy Turner

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