A Good Morning’s Work

Thanks so much to all those who spent the morning working on the Grand Union Canal on Sunday. It was perfect weather and we were pleased to see our colleague Steve from Canals and Rivers Trust return with all his equipment, as part of the Adopt a Stretch of Canal Scheme. We had some new volunteers who had seen our posters along the canal join up too. So we were able to achieve a lot.

Some of the wild flowers we sowed have come up, the trees we planted are doing well and we planted a few more native plants that C&RT brought along. We saw an array of boats and ducks on the water and it was a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable morning.

Our next meet up will be in September. If you would like to be on the mailing list to inform you of the next dates then just drop us a line via the ‘Contact Us‘ page.


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2 Responses to A Good Morning’s Work

  1. andysheppard says:

    Reblogged this on beinvolvedyardley.

  2. Leslie Hemming says:

    Absolute laudable work

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