Acocks Green Carnival Development

A message from Acocks Green Carnival Committee: –
Did you know Acocks Green Carnival is over 40 years old? In the last four decades carnival has seen many changes and developments, but 2017 could see some of its biggest challenges yet. In austere times how does Acocks Green fund a large scale community celebration? Is the current carnival structure secure enough to deliver this event? Can all the tasks and responsibilities be accomplished with only a handful of new volunteers?
The Big Lottery has awarded Acocks Green Carnival a grant to explore these challenges and hopefully develop solutions to ensure carnival takes place in 2017 and beyond. We are looking for individuals who have an interest in Acocks Green to join us and share their opinions. You could be a local resident or supporter of your community. You may run a local charity or community group. Perhaps you enjoy attending local events and have enjoyed carnival for many years.
We invite you to our first FREE development session on Thursday 15th December 7.00-9.00pm at Acocks Green Methodist Church, B27 7YF.
The session will cover:
  • What is Acocks Green Carnival?
  • What are its aims and objectives?
  • Who is Acocks Green Carnival for?
If you are a member of the AGC committee already then please bring a friend to the event so we can guarantee good numbers and get a great mix of people from around the area.
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