Oak Meadow Update from Council

Local people who enjoy walking around the area can’t have missed the huge disruption to Oak Meadow Open Space over the last year. This was due to large scale waterworks by Severn Trent. The work, thankfully is now complete, however the re-landscaping of the area has not been completed. Some local dog-walkers have asked the Neighbourhood Forum for an update on the situation at our Public Meeting. We therefore contacted Birmingham City Council’s parks department for an update. See below for the response from them:


Oak Meadow before the disruptive waterworks

Following a meeting this month with Severn Trent/Amey regarding the site, Parks Manager Mike Hinton had this to say:

‘The situation at  the moment is that the soil is very wet and has puddled in places, and I have asked Amey to stop the work due to the quality of the reinstatement. I have explained what standards/finish I am expecting and I have asked for the Herris fencing not to be removed until I accept the area.

The type of work that still needs to be done includes:

  1. Some minor contouring of the soil and leveling, so that the area can be seeded. Grass seed will not germinate in the current temperatures, so we will have to wait for better weather conditions.
  2. The area where the site compound was, will  have a large amount of stone removed and then it will have top soil spread over the area. Again this will be seeded.
  3. The paths are not complete, because of the wet weather. They will be finished to the correct standard and the fencing will remain in position to protect it.

In terms of time frame for the completion of the work it is entirely weather/temperature dependent and fencing could be in position up until April/May time when the grass is

Last week I  had a meeting with a number of residents from the area and Councillor Choudhry to explain what is happening on site as well, so they are well versed with what is happening here.

Any issues please let me know.


 Mike Hinton M.Hort(RHS)Cert Ed(FE)

District Parks Manager – East Quadrant

Hall Green, Yardley and Hodge Hill

Birmingham City Council

Visit us at www.birmingham.gov.uk/parks

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