Litter-Picking Champions around AG

Our planned Litter Picking activities in March around the area were unfortunately snowed off, both times! However because people are unfortunately still dropping litter there is always a need to help keep our streets clean and tidy.

One of our new Litter-Picking Champions – Alifyah, being presented equipment by Fran Lee and Roger Harmer

Sharing the great idea from Olton Literary Litter Pickers, the Village in Bloom team are offering local people the chance to be an official Litter-Picking Champion to tidy up their own area, at a time that suits them. Eight community-spirited people have already joined the project. As a Litter Champion you will receive a litter-picking stick, a High Viz jacket and a supply of official rubbish bags which will be collected by the council when left in one of the local designated collection points. So no need to complain about the litter blighting your streets anymore because you can do something about it! Why not get in touch and become a champion?! Perhaps you could share equipment with your neighbours to keep your street clean. Together we can make a difference. To become a champion click on ‘Contact Us‘ or email Village in Bloom Coordinator :

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3 Responses to Litter-Picking Champions around AG

  1. Ms Janet I Kidd says:

    I recently joined the Acocks Green group on line. What do I do next? Do I wait for the next organised event, or just pick up a litter pick up stick from Jess Phillips office?

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Janet.
      Great that you have joined. It is run via Facebook, so most Litter Champions just litter pick themselves in their local area as and when suits them. You can pick up grey bags from John O’Shea’s office (council bags that can be put by litter bins for collection by council). Or you can take the litter home and put it in your own bin. John has run out of litter-picking sticks but has more on order or you can buy one from Jeffires or we have a couple spare – email your contact details :
      Use Facebook to promote your own litter picking with photos or ask for help and you may encourage others. There are monthly organised picks at Acocks Green Recreation Ground at 10am on first Saturday of the month and second Saturday at Fox Hollies Park 10am. Equipment provided and just turn up.
      All the best
      Acocks Green Recreation Ground

      • Ms Janet I Kidd says:

        Thank you, I appreciate your prompt reply to my query. Will be visiting Jeffreys to buy a litter picker so I can get started! Cheers.

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