Colourful Springtime in Acocks Green

Back in November the Village in Bloom Team, along with other volunteers, took part in a community bulb planting morning. Little did we know then what the future would hold. But amidst the upsetting turn of events and change of life as we know it.. the tulips and spring flowers have come through and lift the spirit of people passing through and walking through the village.
The completed Triabout with its colourful shrubbery and circular raised bed is a mass of colour with the beautiful variety of tulips. And last month daffodils brightened up the entrance into Birmingham.
Triabout Tulips

The orchard with its mass of forget-me-nots and herb bed looks great
punctuated by the bright colours of tulips.



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6 Responses to Colourful Springtime in Acocks Green

  1. jenny kearns says:

    Great continuous efforts you all put in.. it looks stunning. It’s inspiring what your all doing and I hope to keep my little corner as bright, interesting and welcoming following in your footsteps.. huge thanks to all involved

  2. jenny kearns says:

    The area looks amazing the continuous efforts put in are inspiring .

    I hope to make my little corner as bright and welcoming as possible supporting you in the aim of a united caring area

  3. Mike Swift says:

    Excellent, please carry on the good work

  4. Sandra Garbett says:

    Looking amazing the triabout and the orchard i live right by the orchard. Thank you for all your work. Lots of sandra xx

  5. Stu Minal says:

    That ‘triabout’ is right near where I live (The Avenue). It looks fantastic !

    Kind regards,



    • christine hanson says:

      It all looks really pretty – what a triumph – well done to all the volunteers – especially my baby sister……………………

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