Village in Bloom Need Your Help

On Sunday a team of volunteers planted up the majority of the 22 planters in Acocks Green village with a colourful array of bedding plants. Working individually (and keeping our social distance) a team of 7 worked tirelessly to put in the plants. In the afternoon Fran and Ged gave them a first good watering.

Fran watering the bedding plant in

Fran waters the bedding plants

Do you live or work near one of these planters on Warwick Road? Could you ‘adopt’ one over the summer and water it every other day when it doesn’t rain significantly? Village in Bloom can supply a watering can if required.


Without help from the community, the regular watering of the 22 planters is a huge task with our volunteers carrying or pushing large tanks of water through the village. But if we can get lots of local people to help out, the task becomes a lot easier. If you can help you will be contributing to keeping Acocks Green looking colourful and floral throughout  the summer.

Map of Planters in Acocks Green

Map of Planters in Acocks Green Village

If you would like to help please contact us by responding in the comments here or emailing the co-ordinator Fran Lee :

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5 Responses to Village in Bloom Need Your Help

  1. Ria Brown says:

    Hi I we have two outside my house in Douglas the/Dayton rd. they are empty at present put i would be happy to water them. If they get flowers. Ria

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Ria, I think I know the two you mean, on the corner of Douglas and Dalston Road. Yes these are planted by the council possibly funded by Stockfield association. I have noticed that they do get very dry, especially as they are under the trees a bit and then since they took one of the litter bins away some people use it as a bin! So when they do plant them up it would be great if they were watered and kept tidy for the benefit of the local neighbourhood. Thank you for your kind offer Ria.. its nice that there are people like you around to take an interest in the neighbourhood. On a related matter, if there are new trees close by they also need watering in the dry weather. You will notice usually a tube in the ground by the side of the tree, this is so the water can go straight to the roots. The council did plant a lot of trees locally in the winter but often the follow up watering doesn’t get done (especially during a pandemic!) I’ve been watering trees down my road. It could be a case of life and death with these young trees and its such a waste of money when they have gone to the bother of planting them! Anyway thanks again.

  2. SARA says:

    am in alexander road,go down to millenium alot,so one on yardley road would be good to water.

    • gedhughes says:

      Hi Sara. Thank you for the positive response. However that planter is regularly maintained by residents Malvern Road. Kind Regards.

  3. Stu Minal says:

    Is it possible to enlarge the map somehow?
    Kind regards,

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