Census is Coming – Everyone needs to Play their Part

Every 10 years there is a count of all of the people in the country. The first census was in 1801 and it has happened every 10 years since then. On 21st March 2021 the census will take place again.

It’s important to fill in your census questionnaire because it gives the most accurate and detailed information we have about our society and the people who live in each area. Census data is used in making decisions about funding public services in our area and for the whole country. Whether it is planning new schools, doctors’ surgeries or transport needs, the information you share has an impact on the lives of everyone living in England and Wales. You are required to complete the census by law.

It takes around 10 minutes per person to fill in the census questionnaire and you will help make sure our community gets the services needed now and in the future. All the questions you may have about the census should be answered in the downloadable booklet below. Please have a read so that you can help others understand the census and how it will help our community.

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