Village in Bloom Awarded Gold Again!

Each year the gardening volunteers in the village work hard to make Acocks Green look its best. They want the local community centre to look good for everyone who lives and works here. Each year Acocks Green Village is also entered into the Urban Category of the
Royal Horticultural Society’s Nationwide ‘In Bloom’ gardening campaign.

Last year, because of Covid, there was no Village in Bloom, although the volunteers, led so well by co-ordinator Fran Lee, continued to keep on top of the gardening activities where possible, given the restrictions.

This year the event was resumed, but rather than the judges coming around in person to inspect the village, a portfolio of all the work that has taken place over the last year or so was put together to show the great work the team achieve. In the last week the news came through that the judges awarded the Village the top achievement for the 6th year – GOLD!

Here is a quote from the judges detailed marketing sheet:

A very well done for maintaining Gold standard despite the challenges of the pandemic! Fran and the Village in Bloom team are not afraid of a challenge or a little hard work.

Attending the Springtime Beds

View the Village in Bloom 2021 portfolio as a PDF document by clicking the image below:

Congratulations to all the volunteers, and thank you for making the village look so colourful and attractive. You can follow all the work that the team have done over the years on the Village in Bloom page.

The team will be looking for people to help plant bulbs in the autumn, so If you would like to become a regular volunteer or just help out from time-to-time, then contact Fran Lee (contact details on the Village in Bloom page)

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1 Response to Village in Bloom Awarded Gold Again!

  1. Leslie Hemming says:

    Brilliant thank god we have you! x

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