Festive Lights Brighten the Village

We hope that people have noticed the colourful lights brightening up the village, which were a positive way to end a difficult year for local individuals and businesses. The Neighbourhood Forum were disheartened to hear that, in October, the Acocks Green Business Improvement District (BID) were not successful in securing a third term in the village after 10 years service. We thank the BID team for their hard work and efforts over the years.

Local businesses and residents working with the council must now fill the gap left by the BID. We are fortunate to have many active local organisations that contribute to community life and hope that, with the many volunteers, we can keep positive for the future of the village.

The success in raising funds for our village Festive Lights this year shows what can be achieved. When it was clear that the BID would be winding up and not able to fund the lights as usual, the community stepped in. Mick, on behalf of Acocks Green Village Partnership, set up a GoFundMe page asking people to donate what they could to make the lights possible. Thanks to the generosity of many individuals and organisations the lights were switched on at the beginning of the month and have added a much needed festive brightness at this darkest time of the year!

Thank you everyone who contributed – you know who you are – your kind-heartedness has made a real difference.

(We know there are lots of good photographers out there, and if any of you can capture the festive lights well, do send us your photos to AGNForum@hotmail.co.uk for us to use on this site!)

The Neighbourhood Forum wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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1 Response to Festive Lights Brighten the Village

  1. Lucy V says:

    Thanks so much to all who have helped and donated to the lights – it really makes a big difference to the village and is appreciated.

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