Spring Blossom in Acocks Green

Are you a tree-lover who would like to receive a free blossom tree courtesy of National Trust, for your local community space, front garden or school around Acocks Green? Those of you who visited the city centre in recent months may have noticed the blossom trees in containers brightening up the city streets. The National Trust is working with local communities and tree-lovers around Birmingham and the country to bring more blossom trees to urban areas with their Blossom Together programme. The trees that were in containers around the city and at the Commonwealth Smithfield Festival Site installation will live on when their roots are planted in gardens and community spaces around our city.

photo courtesy of National Trust

Birmingham was once surrounded by orchards and small gardens and referred to as ‘a town ringed by blossom’. In recognition of this botanical history they are aiming to create a new, symbolic ring of blossom around the city by giving away more than 600 blossoming trees to people based near the number 11 bus route, which circles Birmingham.

If you live, or are part of a school or community group within a 25 minute walk of the number 11 bus route around Birmingham and would like to plant and care for a blossom tree, please email National Trust to register your interest. Trees will be allocated during September ahead of planting in early 2023.

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