Planning Applications – Westley Hotel

Most readers of our website will have spent many a time at the Westley Hotel over the years. It has been a landmark in our area for as long as we can remember. Family gatherings, nights out, social events.. Charity dinners.. the Westley has been a wonderful venue for local people to come together. The Neighbourhood Forum were very sad to see that the owner has decided to close the venue and has now put in a planning application for 33 more rooms. There is nothing in the application about using the space as a venue in future and there is no extention to the building, so it sounds like the plan is to a lot more people into the same space.. so of course there are serious concerns about this plan.

Local people can object to by clicking HERE – just type your views where is says ‘Submit Comments Here’. Tell your friends and neighbours to share their views too. It needs to be done as soon as possible, although they will take comments in to account right up the the planning hearing. but don’t delay… do it TODAY!

If you want to read more about how to share your views about Planning Applications, read the previous post about this subject : PLANNING APPLICATIONS

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4 Responses to Planning Applications – Westley Hotel

  1. John Powis says:

    I would like to express my concern about this planning application.
    For the Westley Hotel Acocks Green. There are already a substantial amount of one room accommodation in the local area and a further development would contribute to the already changing demographic from family homes to individuals
    Regards John Powis

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello John, thanks for your comments, can you click on the links and add your comments to the Planning online on the Birmingham City Council website, so that they can be counted formerly as an objection please. Just click on the link that says ‘you can object by clicking HERE’ on the post. Thanks Ged – Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

  2. Harvey Lendon says:

    With the sad loss of The Inn On The Green (3 times CAMRA best pub in Birmingham), just down the road,l; the closing of The Westley Arms as a pub/venue will be devastating to the local area!
    Admittedly, the planning application doesn’t seem to suggest these two facilities are being discarded, but where will these extra rooms go?
    We need some clarity & reassurance please.

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Harvey, I can’t offer any reassurance or clarity I’m afraid. We don’t have any insider information. The Westley has already closed and there are the planning application is for 33 new rooms but no extension, it looks like they are taking over the function room space with rooms. No kitchen facilities and no mention of a public bar, so please object if you can. The information is sketchy too, which a reason to object in itself.

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