***** Westley Hotel – Planning Update****

Following lots of objections and concerns about the proposed changes to the Westley Hotel the first publicised planning application has been amended by the applicant in an attempt to explain and address the planned changes.

A Statement from the owners explains their plans HERE


  • No change to the planned extra rooms (33), more than doubling the current number
  • Loss of the Function Room
  • Loss of main Catering kitchen

This is a high number or rooms for a ‘budget hotel’ in a suburban area, so it will inevitably have an impact on traffic levels. Also once this important function room and venue is gone, it will never return and so our area will lose a valuable space for events and celebrations forever. There are also concerns for the long term use once the nature of the building is changed. If you have already commented, you can comment again, addressing the updates.

The pandemic and economic downturn has had its effect on most businesses, but people still need local spaces to use for special occasions and events. The economic climate will change. With the right management this could become a vibrant and much-needed social venue.

Most readers of our website will have spent many a time at the Westley Hotel over the years. It has been a landmark in our area for as long as we can remember. Family gatherings, nights out, social events, charity dinners, the Westley has been a wonderful venue for local people to come together. The Neighbourhood Forum were very sad to see that the owner has now closed the venue and has now put in a planning application for 33 more rooms.

Local people can object to by clicking HERE – just type your views where is says ‘Submit Comments Here’. Tell your friends and neighbours to share their views too. It needs to be done as soon as possible, although they will take comments in to account right up the the planning hearing. but don’t delay… do it TODAY!

If you want to read more about how to share your views about Planning Applications, read the previous post about this subject : PLANNING APPLICATIONS

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13 Responses to ***** Westley Hotel – Planning Update****

  1. Ruth Gallagher says:

    Can comments and objections still be made on the planning application?

  2. Jane Bates says:

    Such a shame the village use to be a lovely place lots of local shops, pubs and the hotel, now it’s full of charity shops beggars and the atmosphere has well and truly gone thanks for putting the last nail in the coffin of which was a lovely little village.

  3. pete b says:

    This is an utter disgrace. I have loved and used this pub for over 25 years. The staff and locals that used it had agreat relationship. I always loved the atmosphere here and have been to many functions. It is part of the community and should remain as that. It is another nail in the coffin for the village, which has now sadly disapeared . Its another piece of the drinking and social culture disapearing . The AG community do not want a cheap hotel, we want the pub and hotel back. Please everyone object and say no if you loved the Westley , I know i did !

  4. Margaret Jones says:

    It could be the start of the Acocks Green Ghetto! No social meeting places unless you are a member of a private club! No local pubs as the York, Inn on the Green, Dolphin Olton Tavern and the Fox Hollies pubs have all disappeared! Loads of shops selling alcohol though God help us!!

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Margaret. I hope that you have made your comments known to the council through following the links to the Planning On Line site, rather than just here.

  5. Claire Roberts says:

    The loss of this lovely venue is going to affect the community and local people, so sad to see this happening after all these years. Seems like no one cares about communities any more, going to be nothing good left, which is rather depressing,.
    This is going to have a negative impact for the area and local residents and will change the feel of the place, we need more positive things going on, they’re ripping the heart out of everything in real difficult times for us all, this really isn’t helping, all about money. It’s bad enough loosing the Westley Hotel and feel that it’s just too much of an expansion for the area, which is already becoming run down and not the same as it used to be. Please don’t let this happen to the residents and visitors to Acocks Green.

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Claire, I hope that you have made your comments known to the council through following the links to the Planning On Line site.

  6. JP says:

    Concerned that it will become another HMO taking advantage of the local community.

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello JP. I hope that you have made your comments known to the council through following the links to the Planning On Line site.

  7. Mar Elias says:

    I think it’s a disgrace.
    The village has nothing left the hotel made a profit. Entertainment for everyone. Pub meals family atmosphere.
    Something for everyone. Now what.
    I know people need places to live but we also need comunity spirit yo be able to get out socialize.
    More depression now drs already over run

    • gedhughes says:

      Hello Mar. I hope that you have made your comments known to the council through following the links to the Planning On Line site.

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