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  1. Leslie Hemming says:

    Well done Guys,I personally continue to clean Arden Road ,Flint Green Road and my own Sherbourne Road x 3 times a week…more power to your elbow! “Together We Can Beat Litter”!..especially if we initiate “Litter Cam” a community led action that as citizens we have the right to report the crime of littering by photographing litterers and acts of litter with our mobile phones and the police with a simply supporting witness statement i.e. who,where and when .I project that by simply making this news i.e. ” Acocks Green South Yardley Litter problem? residents say..We’re fighting back with Litter Cam!” and by very cost effectively erecting ” Warning Litter Cam operating in this area,£75 fine when convicted” on a few lamp posts we could at least halve the problem overnight! Further a window poster in all fast food retailers that says “We’re Fighting The Litter Problem with Litter Cam To Keep The Green Clean Of Litter” can be awarded to all participants (those that chose not to participate may be considered news worthy) Ladies and gentlemen ..”It’s time to fight the crime of litter”. Is there anybody up to taking these actions,or have other pro active ideas?Kind regards Leslie

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