The Neighbourhood Forum have been contacted by the NHS Blood Service with a request for local people to give blood. They will be collecting in Acocks Green at the end of the month (see below). Blood stocks have dropped significantly over the Christmas period and there is a need for them to build stocks back up. All blood types are needed, but particularly O Groups to maintain their life saving supplies. With heavy demand for blood and many people taking extended holidays over this Christmas and New Year period they have seen falling stock levels. Perhaps you can help? They will be at the Westley Hotel between 10am and 2pm on Saturday 31st January. Phone in advance to make an appointment.

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To encourage more people to take up cycling in Birmingham, the city council has been given funds to purchase 5000 bikes in 2015. Some will be used in a bike hire scheme similar to the ‘Boris Bike’ scheme in London, others will be put into a draw for Brummies to apply to own. Some postcode areas around Acocks Green are eligible for the free bikes. Fill in the application form on line or pick one up from the Leisure Centre. You can also telephone the project on 0121 464 1020. Click on picture below for all the information.

cycle revolution

There will be two draws – one on 1st February and one on 1st April. You must reside in Birmingham and be over 16 to apply. You MUST also have a valid Birmingham City Council Leisure Card. These are FREE and easily available from your local leisure centre, our nearest leisure centre is:  Fox Hollies Leisure Centre. To take part in the first draw you need to submit your form by 30th January 2015. If you do not qualify then there will be loads of bikes available on FREE short tem hire and lots of FREE cycling activities for you to get involved in. There will also be Learn to Ride, Bikeability and Bike maintenance sessions available at the 20 Cycle Centres opening in January including centres at Sheldon Country Park and Ackers Centre

If you are interested in cycling and would like to pursue your interest with the Birmingham Cycle Revolution there are also lots of volunteering opportunities. You could qualify as a National Cycling Instructor, become a qualified Ride Leader and Learn new skills whilst becoming an important part of your community, boosting your career prospects. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and get fitter.

cycle revolution2

One of the on-going battles faced by the Acocks Green Village in Bloom team is litter. It blights our community and costs a lot of public money to clean up every day. We would like to encourage locals to take action in improving the problem in Acocks Green. People Against Litter was set up by an Edinburgh citizen who was fed up of litter and wanted to take action. It is a grassroots scheme to encourage people to do something positive about litter and to spread the word to others.  Supporters make a simple pledge to become ‘PALS’ promising to pick up at least one piece of litter per week and recruit one other person to do the same. This way more and more people will be taking direct action to clean up their neighbourhood. If there is less litter around people are less likely to drop more. Just click and sign up today:  People Against Litter

The majority of the litter you see in the streets is also recyclable, so you can pick it up on the way home and drop it in your recycling wheelie bin, so benefiting the environment by tidying and recycling! If everyone picked up the litter outside their homes and businesses the Green would look instantly better and more appealing.  It’s not difficult and you can start straight away. Why not make it your New Year’s Resolution?!

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The Clean Up Britain campaign have designed this poster which shows how much money litter costs to deal with.  A lot of smokers don’t think of cigarette ends as litter but they are; they take years to biodegrade and mount up in the nooks and crannies proving difficult to pick up. Click on the image to read the details and sign up to support the campaign.

Clean Up Britain | The cost of litter to YOU and Britain

If you see any dumped rubbish this can also be reported directly to the city council HERE. We can all do our bit to make Acocks Green a cleaner and greener village, so be part of the movement to improve it.

If you need advice or help with working out benefit claims, form filling or phone calls then take advantage of this new free service in Acocks Green.

Fox Hollies Forum Free Advice with benefit & form filling

Wishing all our readers a healthy and happy 2015.

Below is the programme of new courses starting in January in South Birmingham including  Stone Hall Adult Education Centre in Acocks Green, where new courses includes:
Have a go at… Ebay, Patchwork, Quilting & Embroidery, Creative Writing and Computers – First Step.
Click on the picture below to see the whole directory for South Birmingham courses. You can also phone Stone Hall directly on 0121 464 9150 or call in from Monday 5th January 2015 onwards.

new year new you

Until Saturday at our local theatre. Fun for all the family. Check out the theatre’s website for all the information:  HGLT

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******Update Monday 15th December**** Apparantly the majority of dustbins and boxes were collected over the weekend. If yours was not then leave it at the front of your property and it will be collected in the next 7 days according to our councillors.

If you have received wheelie bins and no longer require your old recycling boxes and old dustbin then you can put them out on the front of your property, for collection by the council over the weekend of 13th & 14th December, they will then recycling them. The council ask that they are, as far as possible, clean before they are collected. Put them out before 6am on Saturday 13th December and they will collect them on either the Saturday or Sunday, or you can dispose of them responsibly yourself.

You can however keep the containers if you wish. An old dustbin could make a water butt or compost bin.


Also you can now order your Garden Waste Collection for 2015 via the website and save £5 if you order before 31st December – the annual cost is £30

Click here to continue or commence the Garden Waste fortnightly collection in the springtime.

For more about rubbish and litter and what to do about it click on the Village in Bloom Page for the latest in a campaign to clean up our streets.


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