Report on Public Meeting – 14th May

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Public Meeting on 14th May.

John Hemming MP introduced himself and took queries from the floor.  He also made himself available for one-to-one enquiries in the foyer.

Special thanks goes to Jon Morris from Acocks Green Focus Group, who gave an interesting presentation on the possibility of parts of Acocks Green becoming a Conservation Area.  Jon pointed out that AG has some elegant and historically interesting buildings, thanks to its gradual development as a result of the transport infrastructure.  The canal, train stations, trams and buses all played a part in AG becoming the centre that it is now.

The Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) also discussed their varied and important role within the area,  thanks to them.

Possible community development of the large red brick Grade II Listed Church Hall on Alexander Road was also outlined by John Atkins from Stockfield  Community Association, the development is at the consultation stage at the moment.

As it was the AGM the Committee was elected.  The Chairman of the Forum – David Treadwell, agreed to stand again, as well as the rest of the Executive Committee.  Two members of the public also expressed an interest in coming along to the next Executive Committee Meeting.

Julia Larden also spoke from Acocks Green Focus Group and briefly outlined the role of their organisation, updating the meeting on the Conservation project and promoting the on line survey about the village centre, which can be found on the AGFG website.

It was an informative and lively meeting – thanks to all those involved and those who attended.  Keep checking the site for information about the next Public Meeting.

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1 Response to Report on Public Meeting – 14th May

  1. Nick Booth says:

    Can I add congrats on blogging it promptly and keeping this going as a forum for your neighbourhood.

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